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do you ever see a photograph of someone really attractive from like the 1800s and you suddenly get pissed because they’ve been dead for like 200 years and you probably don’t have a chance with them


“We have to go back”


you are the first person to add a comment to this that wasnt doctor who and it made me smile too bless your soul

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But whyyyyy….


But whyyyyy….

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Filed under well it wasn't my brain that did this to me today but it's been one of those days regardless so here I am skipping class and watching Netflix in my pajamas it's the first week of classes I'm off to a terrible start here but hey good news is I stopped throwing up for now at least my stomach is still not happy enough to let me eat though I'm pretty sure someone somewhere just rolled some dice and was like nah you ain't sleeping tonight the dice say food poisoning so food poisoning it is sorry I'm ranting again

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Sorry that you guys have to click to read through it but this thing is like. ridiculous long. annoyingly long. I am not gonna make anybody else deal with that ok. Anyways! I’ve been working on this for about 9 years and I never wanna look at it ever against I’m sorry I’m way too lazy to polish it just. here. take it. take my headcanon that even after Carlos comes back, Cecil gets fucked up any time he sees that “voicemail” notification.

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